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Off Campus Education

Important Expectations & Information

Contact Information:

Andrew Krul - phone: 403-894-0375 email: andrew.krul@lehsd.ab.ca

Melanie Erickson - phone: 403-394-4621 email: melanie.erickson@lethsd.ab.ca


  1. All work experience must be in Southern Alberta for site visit and worker's compensation guidelines.

  2. Complete the one credit HCS3000 course in CALM or through an alternative school delivery.

  3. Complete and return the work experience agreement form (found in documents on the school webpage) and the student learning plan to either the career practitioner at the school or to the off campus education coordinator when he visits your school:    

  4. Submit monthly proof of hours and final employer evaluation in the same way or they may be emailed to melanie.erickson@lethsd.ab.ca 

  5. Perform well at the jobsite: know the employer's cell phone use policy and follow it, be on time, know exactly when the shifts will be, attend work consistently, know the employer's procedures for calling in sick and switching shifts, adhere to any confidentiality expectations and agreements, and be enthusiastic, ethical, consistent and learn.

  6. Email melanie.erickson@lethsd.ab.ca if you are no longer working at the worksite.

  7. Call the off campus education facilitator Andrew Krul (403) 894 0375 if there are any concerns about the safety of the jobsite or other concerns.