To provide a safe, supportive and challenging environment, with an occupational focus, that will enable students to develop academic, social and emotional skills. Our programs support unique learning styles and encourage responsible choices within flexible learning communities. Victoria Park High School will strive to maximize individual potential and to ensure that all students are equipped to meet the opportunities of education, work and life.


Cayley King


Dueck, Rod - Vice Principal
Scott, Rod - Vice Prinicpal


MY CHOICE, MY PATH, MY FUTURE speaks to the approach we take, putting each student in the centre of their own individual plan. We consult with students as to their needs and goals, then design an educational plan to help ensure their success. Our staff believes that it is a privilege to serve each student and honours the choice that students make to be a part of our community.

We believe that our students are unique and capable learners who deserve a spectrum of creative opportunities to achieve success in a safe and caring, respectful, and supportive environment that will provide them with skills for both now, and in the future.