Stafford Ridge School

What is Stafford Ridge Outreach School and who can attend? 

Stafford Ridge Outreach School is located at AADAC’s Youth Residential Treatment Centre. It is a co-ed residential school within a 12 week voluntary addictions treatment program. At any particular time, there are a maximum of 8 youth, aged 12-18 years. Students participate in daily addictions treatment. While the primary focus is addictions treatment, the school staff keeps in contact with students’ home schools in order to build and maintain each student’s academic program. Stafford Ridge makes every effort to build on the strengths of students while remaining sensitive to their individual needs. 

How are students placed at Stafford Ridge Outreach School? 

Potential students are identified by AADAC addictions counsellors across the province and placed in treatment centres that provide programs to best meet the needs of individual students. Students come from all regions in the province. 

What is the staffing component? 

Stafford Ridge Outreach School is staffed with one full time teacher and one full time child and youth care worker and is in operation from September to June.