Pitawani School

What type of student would attend Pitawani? 

Pitawani is a co-ed residential school providing care to 10 youth who reside at the Sifton Family and Youth Services site. Eight beds are for students who are behaviorally and/or emotionally troubled adolescents and 2 beds are for Secure Services, which will provide stabilization for high-risk youth. Educational programming is provided to students aged 12 to 17 (middle to high school) who often achieve at below age-appropriate grade levels. Pitawani students have frequently exhibited poor attendance at some time during - and even throughout - their school experience.?? Referrals to Sifton Family and Youth Services must be made through the Sun Country Placement Committee.? 

What type of program is provided to students attending Pitawani School? 

Students who are expected to reside at Sifton beyond one month are provided with an Individualized Program Plan (IPP); students that arrive during the school year may already have had an IPP designed at their last school. Pitawani makes every effort to build upon the strengths of students while remaining sensitive to their individual needs. For many students, the first major academic focus at Pitawani is basic skill development. Although students typically follow a modified school program, those who have the academic ability and motivation are given the opportunity to work on middle school distance learning materials, or may complete credit courses in conjunction with Lethbridge Outreach High School. Students have a computer at their desk to facilitate and enhance their learning experience. Students also participate in daily physical education. 

How long are children placed in Sifton to attend school at Pitawani? 

Students attend Pitawani while they are residents at the Sifton Family and Youth Services facility. Children may reside at Sifton for up to six months. 

What is the staffing component?

Pitawani School is staffed with two teachers and a child and youth care worker and is in operation from September until June.