Harbour House School

What is Harbour House School and who can attend? 

Harbour House School is located at the Lethbridge YWCA and is intended to provide educational services to a maximum of 10 children who are victims of family violence. The vast majority of children fall into the elementary or junior high age range and all reside with their mothers at the YWCA. 

What type of program is provided for students attending Harbour House School? 

An individualized, albeit informal, program plan (IPP) is developed for each student. Reading, writing, arithmetic and physical education are core components of the program. Social skills and basic life skills are integrated into the program on an ongoing basis. Working with computers is an integrated and integral activity. Children also have the opportunity to experience various options ranging from clothing construction, food science, crafts, gardening, art, music and drama. Harbour House School is flexible in its program delivery. The age, ability and interests of the individual student help to determine the techniques and strategies. An underlying belief is that every moment is educable. An educational twist is applied even to common daily occurrences. All students arrive at Harbour House in a state of extreme anxiety and crisis. Therefore, the main objective is to allow the students to feel safe and comfortable. Ultimately each student returns to either his/her home school or another appropriate community school. The teacher at Harbour House School facilitates this transition. 

What is the staffing component? 

Harbour House School is staffed with one teacher and is in operation from September until June.