What type of program is provided to students attending Developing Lifelong Assets: DLA? 

The DLA program  is a short term therapeutic and educational program that aims to build resilience, enhance coping skills and teach positive thinking. DLA has been designed as an intervention program for young people (Age 12-17) whose attendance has been severely impacted due to internalizing behaviors (anxiety and depression). The focus of the program is on early intervention (Age 12-15) in order to reconnect students to school. Programming involves interactive education, discussion, structured group activities and opportunities to practice new skills. A further aim of the program is to enhance collaboration between education and health in addressing mental health issues in young people. Students attending DLA must have an identified mental health diagnosis or be committed to working with Alberta Health to identify issues and interventions. The program is limited to 12 students.
The characteristics common in the students referred to DLA include:

Primary Referring Characteristics:

  • Attendance challenges
  • Internalizing mental health issues and concerns

Secondary Referring Characteristics:

  • Lack of appropriate social skills
  • Difficulty with interpersonal relationships in the school setting
  • Dysfunctional behaviour for over six months
  • Identified biological and neurological factors that contribute to problematic behaviours

A student will be accepted into the program if he/she:

  • Is between 12 and 17 years of age
  • Has current diagnosis or signed consent for mental health interventions
  • Has a completed referral package
  • Evidence exists of difficulties with internalizing mental health concerns, attendance challenges and difficulty with social, emotional abilities over the last six months.

Students are referred to the DLA Program through the Principal of LASP. Placement decisions should be based on the best interests of all students. In considering any action, the educational program needs of an individual student must be considered.